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Yuzool is an independent publication launched in January 2024.

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What is this simple site about? 

A collection of random essays, rants and rambles. Some good; some bad. Some short; some long. Sometimes there’ll be some ideas, tools and downloads. Hopefully some of it is useful.

Originally it was touted as "Yuzool is a global journal covering business, culture, tech and design" - but that sounds too pretentious. Or, "Yuzool is an independent global journal covering the best and worst facing business, culture, tech and design" - this seems better. But, for now something like "Sharing our opinions and thoughts on the various problems that the world is facing right now" might be better suiting.

It's basically just a place to write down what comes to mind as it pops up. Sometimes you need a place to publish things on your mind or things you see around you. If people like it or not is another matter.

But one thing is for sure: any opinions expressed are our own, but we are politically non-partisan. We rely on seeing the truth, using science and humanism as our guiding values.

At the moment we don't have any social online presence and want to keep everything on this site if possible. Comments, dialogue and interactions can happen per post or you can get in touch if you want to say something or contribute to the site.

Subscribers (patrons / supporters of the site) get full access to all posts, can comment on posts and send in requests, and get access to any tools and downloads from the members page. Experimentations with apps are also posted for members to download and use.

We’ve tried to reboot this site several times but to no avail. But there’s something inside me that wants to try again. It may just be a cathartic experience with only a handful of regular readers, but that would be enough. 

Looking forward to seeing where this goes over the next year or so.

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