Add a WhatsApp chat button to your website

Many people prefer using WhatsApp as a communication tool, and not having an easy way to reach out to website owners can lead to missed opportunities and frustration for both parties.

Add a WhatsApp chat button to your website
Photo by Deeksha Pahariya / Unsplash

Our downloadable widget solves this problem by providing a simple and customizable html code that can be easily added to any website, allowing visitors to initiate a conversation with the website owner directly through WhatsApp with just one click.

Of course the demo in the bottom left corner won't allow you to actually message us (our number isn't 1234567890 😆).


  • download the HTML widget
  • change the number from 1234567890 to your actually number
  • paste the code into your website and it will appear as below!

When clicked it will open WhatsApp and your visitors can start chatting with you. Great for product support, sales or just been able to chat in real-time with your site visitors from your phone.

Download the code: